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Applied Fractional Calculus (AFC) @ UCMerced

Welcome to Applied Fractional Calculus (AFC @ UC Merced) Website!

[New: A collection of FC books] [Our previous AFC activities can be found here and here] [Our new AFC Workshop Series @ UC Merced]

  • 3/14/2019. Pi day AFC gift from MESA Lab: all AFC books so far collected by Ms. Lihong Guo - enjoy this copy: HERE

2015 Fall

  • ME211: Nonlinear Controls. (We will have a module on fractional order nonlinear control - FONC)

2015 Summer

2014 Fall

2014 Summer

2014 Spring

  • 05/23/14. Dr. Chen gave an invited seminar at Agilent Tech Forum on "Fractional Calculus and Its Applications in Modeling and Signal Processing". (PPT)
  • 05/19/14. Third AFC Workshop @ MESALAB @ UCMERCED
  • 05/12/14. Dr. Chen gave a seminar at the first UC Merced Foraging Workshop on "Optimal stochastic foraging: from Levy to Mittag-Leffler" (PPT) (See CogSci news)
  • 05/07/14. Simulink Wiley book service website updated (solution manual and code; sample chapters, codes for reproducing figures in the book, ppts for teaching this book etc.)
  • 05/05/14. Dr. Chen gave an invited seminar at Lam Research on "Fractional order calculus and applications to heat transfer" (PPT)
  • 03/18/14. Chapter 08 "Fractional-Order Controller: An Introduction" of this SIAM Press book is here. It was listed as available upon request in this ORA code.
  • 3/2/14. ME280 Fall 2013 Offering. 32Gb recorded lectures/slides/labs/final projects. For a copy via ftp, send email to Dr. Chen for access.
  • 3/2/14. BICO-MPPT for PV paper published at International Journal of Photoenergy
  • 02/28/14. 10th IEEE/ASME MESA 2014 (FDTA2014, deadline 3/24/2014)
  • 01/31/14. Dr. Chen gave a BEST seminar "Fractional Order Modeling of Complex Relaxation Dynamics" (lecture recorded)
  • 01/30/14. Congratulations! 2014 ACC FC related papers accepted:
    • Fractional Order Controller in A Three Phase Grid-Connected PV Systems (Hadi Malek)
    • Identification of Linear Fractional Order Systems Using the Relay Feedback Approach (Zhuo Li)
    • Fractional Order Iterative Learning Control for Fractional Order Gray-Box Systems with Memory (Yan Li)

2013 Fall

  1. An online heart rate variability analysis method based on sliding window Hurst series (Taizhi Lyu)
  2. Fractional order nonlinear model predictive control using  RIOTS_95 (Tiebiao Zhao)
  3. Fractional-order modeling of a permanent magnet synchronous motor velocity servo system: method and experimental study (Wei Yu)
  4. A low cost research platform for modeling and control of multi-input multi-output fractional order dynamic systems (Zhuo Li)
  5. Estimating the state of charge of lithium-ion batteries based on fractional-order sliding-mode observer (Yin Chin)
  6. All parameters identification of fractional order Hammerstein systems (Yan Li)
  7. Fractional-order nonlinear stabilities: a distributed-order approach (Yan Li)

2013 Summer

  • August 2013. FDTA13@MESA13@ASME IDETC/CIE13
    • Panel Session: "When fractional calculus meets mechatronics"
    • Preconference Workshop "Fractional Order Mechanics" (full day)
    • Preconference Workshop "Fractional Order Motion Controls"
  • June 12, 2013. FC Day @ UCMerced (fcday-ucmerced-2013-june-12-flyer.pdf)
  • June 2013. ACC13 @ Washington DC.
  • June 11-14, 2013. Prof. Mainardi's and Prof. Igor Podlubny's visit.
  • June 2013. Applied Math Dept. of Brown University, Invited Speaker @ International Symposium on Fractional PDEs:Theory, Numerics and Applications
  • June 1, 2013. R&R talk "When UAV meets Fractional Calculus"
  • May 2013 ICUAS13/Fractional Order Complementary Filter/Fractional Order Flight Controller Design for VTOL/Fractional Potential Field Function for UAV fish tracking
  • May 2013. NSF Panel review. NSF INSPIRE due. NSF ERC LOIs due.

2013 Spring


2012 Fall

Check Dr. Chen's talk on 9-7-2012 on "Fractional Order Thinking" (ucmerced-eecs-seminar-09-07-2012-yangquan-chen.pdf), and the seminar on "Fractional Order Modeling" (ucmerced-eecs-seminar-09-14-2012-new.pdf)

Our next big events include

  • ASME/IEEE MESA 2013 - FDTA2013. (FDTA2011 papers are here)
  • FractionalCalculus Day @ UCMerced 2013 (previous years at USU are documented here) (2011 flyer)
  • Fractional PDE Symposium 2013 at Brown University. 6/3-5, 2013. (Invited Speakers)


    Applied Fractional Calculus (AFC) @ UCMerced

      Weekly Meeting

1.  Fractional order Mechanics why, what and when

     Presenter: Dr YangQuan Chen,

     Time: Oct. 30, 2012




2. Is our universe expanding dynamics fractional order?

    Presenter: Caibin Zeng, Visiting PhD student

     Time: Nov. 6, 2012



3. On the behavior of fractional-order reaching dynamics

   Presenter: Chun Yin, Visiting PhD student

   Time: Nov. 13, 2012



4. Minimum Energy lighting or how I made a miniature office out of cardboard and called it research (or a more serious title: Adaptive minimum energy cognitive lighting control: integer order vs. fractional order strategies in sliding mode based extremum seeking”)

  Presenter: Brandon Stark, Ph.D. student, MESA LAB Manager

  Time: Nov. 20, 2012, 11-12AM


5. Random search, fractional dynamics and fractional calculus

    Presenter: Caibin Zeng

   Time: Nov. 27, 2012 11-12AM


6. 2012 IEEE CDC presentation rehearsals (5 papers)

    Dec. 4, 2012.

Winter Break. 2013 AFC presentations: 1. 01/08/2013. 2. 01/15/2013. 3. 01/22/2013. 4. 01/29/2013.