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Cyber-Physical Systems

Our research on Cyber-Physical Systems. Summary poster. (PPT)


  • 12/07/2014 DRONEMATH topic is taking off. Recent work on FO-DiffMAS2D.
  • 11/07/2014. Congratulations to Daniel Stuart for being awarded a PhD Completion fellowship for spring and summer 2015 from the Office of Research and Graduate Studies in Utah State UniverstiyDan's recent papers are
    • Daniel Stuart, Ke-Cai Cao, Caibin Zeng, YangQuan Chen, Keith Christensen, Anthony Chen. A Framework for Modeling and Managing Mass Pedestrian Evacuations Involving Individuals with Disabilities: Networked Segways as Mobile Sensors & Actuators. DETC2013-12724. ASME/IEEE MESA 2013, ASME IDETC/CIE, August 4-7, 2013. Portland, OR, USA.

    • Daniel Stuart, YangQuan Chen, Keith Christensen, Anthony Chen and Yong Kim. Utilizing Augmented Reality Technology for Crowd Pedestrian Analysis Involving Individuals with Disabilities . DETC2013-12793 ASME/IEEE MESA 2013, ASME IDETC/CIE, August 4-7, 2013. Portland, OR, USA.

    • Ke-Cai Cao, and YangQuan Chen, Dan Stuart and Dong Yue. "Cyber-Physical Modeling and Control of Crowd-Pedestrian Systems: A Review and New Framework." IJAC (submitted, Special Issue of Cyber-physical Systems). Sept. 2014.

  • 10/31/2014. Seminar on "Overview of Sensor Processing Research at HRL Laboratories" Dr. Yuri Owechko, HRL Laboratories ( (seminar flyer)
  • Sept. 2014. Welcome Mr. Fudong Ge, new exchange Ph.D. student. DRONEMATH CPS work focusing on regional analysis in the spirit of A. El Jai.
    • El Jai's web:
    • 2012 book:"Systems Theory : Regional Analysis of Infinite Dimensional Linear Systems" (in French). [English version] PUP

Selected Publications:

  • Most Recent DRONEMATH CPS papers:
  1. Jianxiong Cao, Yang-Quan Chen*, Changpin Li (100910, 21208, 76043). Multi-UAV-based Optimal Crop-dusting of Anomalously Diffusing Infestation of Crops (Code ucsbm) ACC15 (under review)
  2. B Stark, S Rider, YQ Chen. Optimal control of a diffusion process using networked unmanned aerial systems with smart health. Proc. of the IFAC World Congress 19 (1), 1254-1259. 2014. Cape Town, South Africa.
  3. Brandon Stark, Sean Rider, YangQuan Chen. Optimal Pest Management by Networked Unmanned Cropdusters in Precision Agriculture: A Cyber-Physical System Approach. The 2nd IFAC Workshop on Research, Education and Development of Unmanned Aerial Systems (RED-UAS, 2013. November 20-22, 2013, Compiegne, France
  • Our CPS BOOKS:
  1. Haiyang Chao+ and YangQuan Chen*. “Remote Sensing and Actuation Using Unmanned Vehicles” Wiley-IEEE Press, Aug. 2012  ISBN-13: 978-1118122761 (IEEE Press Series on Systems Science and Engineering)
  2. Christophe Tricaud+ and YangQuan Chen*. “Optimal Mobile Sensing and Actuation Policies in Cyber-physical Systems”. Springer. ISBN 978-1-4471-2261-6. 2012. (170 pages)
  3. Zheng Song+, YangQuan Chen*, Chellury Ram Sastry and Nazif Cihan Tas (2009). “Optimal Observation for Cyber-Physical Systems:  A Fisher Information Matrix Based Approach.” Springer-Verlag, 2009. (ISBN: 978-1-84882-655-7, July 2009, 170 pages)
  • Past works:
  1. Mobile Actuator and Sensor Networks. (MAS-net)
  2. Dynamic Data-Driven Application Systems (DDDAS).
  3. Experiments on consensus based cooperative control.
  4. Other published papers
  5. Course developed:
  6. SOCS (Social Computational Systems), Cyber-physical Social Systems (CPSS). NIDDR "Experimental Research on Pedestrian and Evacuation Behaviors of Individuals with Disabilities; Theory Development Necessary to Characterize Individual-Based Models"

Last edited 11/13/2014.