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MESA LAB @ UC MERCED got 9 FAA CoAs! (Certificate of Authorization)

January 26, 2014

It is exciting to announce that UC MERCED MESA LAB has obainted FAA CoA!

According to this Map of Domestic Drone Authorizations:

we probably are number 1 in UC system in terms of approved (not applied) FAA COA. But this needs more confirmation.


This opens door for our “data drone valley” dream and establishes UC Merced’s name credit in drone research. We are very glad for this progress. Thanks to Brandon Stark, MCRC, and Scott Malta of Castle Airport.


Our next steps are in acquiring more FAA CoAs using different aircrafts and different flihgt sites with real "data missions" in mind.


Click here to inspect our COA approval letter.


Complete CoA approval package with all provisions can be obtained from Prof. YangQuan Chen by email.


Check this link for the news on our 2nd approved FAA COA.

List of all 9 approved FAA CoAs (last updated 2/20/15, 3/23/15)

  1. 2013-wsa-103.pdf (Our first FAA COA was approved on Nov. 2013)
  2. approved_coa_2014-wsa-29_aggieair_univ_of_ca-merced_merced_ca.pdf (Our second FAA COA approved)
  3. faa_form_7711-1_uas_coa_2014-wsa-175_aggieair_univ_of_ca-merced_isleton_ca.pdf
  4. faa_form_7711-1_uas_coa_2014-wsa-176_aggieair_univ_of_ca-merced_galt_ca.pdf
  5. faa_form_7711-1_uas_coa_2014-wsa-177_aggieair_univ_of_ca-merced_galt_ca.pdf
  6. faa_form_7711-1_uas_coa_2014-wsa-178_aggieair_univ_of_ca_merced_galt_ca.pdf
  7. NEW: approved_2014-wsa-154_aggieair_univ_of_calif_merced_atwater_ca.pdf
  8. NEW: approved_2014-wsa-155_aggieair_univ_of_calif_merced_turlock_ca.pdf
  9. 3/16/15: approved_2014-wsa-193_aggieair_univ_of_ca-merced_isleton_ca.pdf

We offer FAA COA application preparation training class. Contact us for more information.