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Interested in Joining the MESA Lab?

Looking forward to being a part of the Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Automation Lab?


The MESA Lab is continously looking for top engineering and non-engineering students for both research opportunities and hands-on work experience. We have openings available for students of all skill levels and experience along each of the labs major research tracks.


Complete the MESA Lab Application Form


Positions are only available to current UC Merced undergraduate students



Lab positions


Researcher positions are geared for students conducting individual research projects and are expected to publish at least one paper each year. Students who are interested in a researcher position must demonstrate previous research experience or have held a full technician position in the previous semester.

Technician positions provide students with valuable hands-on work experience without the expectation of publication-level research. 


Seniority Scale

Assistant positions are competitive entry-level positions for eager students looking to learn and get involved early.

Full title positions are mid-level positions for experienced students. Students are expected to contribute significantly to the lab's research agenda.

Senior positions are upper-level positions for the top performing students. These students are expected to provide leadership and manage undergraduate research projects. 



Unfortunately, only senior-level positions are eligible for financial compensation. The exact rate is determined on a case-by-case basis.  

Researcher positions are elgible for compensation through research units (up to 4 per semester) that will show up on student transcripts.  Research units (up to 4 total) may be used as a replacement for a technical elective, in effect reducing the number of courses necessary for graduation by one.

While other positions are not eligible for financial compensation or research units, the experience and knowledge gained through the lab will be a great item to list on a resume and will improve your chances at future employement.


Typical Minimum Requirements (At least 2 of 3 requirements should be met)

  • Experience with circuits (Eng065 - Circuit Theory)
  • Experience with programing (CSE030 - Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering I)
  • Experience with Mechanics and Structures (Eng057 - Statics and Dynamics)

Other beneficial experience includes a portfolio of projects with

  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi or comparible embedded systems prototyping platforms
  • CAD software (Solidworks, Creo, ProE, Autodesk)
  • Research publication experience
  • Machine-shop work