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Applied Fractional Calculus Workshop Series at MESA Lab, UC Merced

This page documents our AFC (Applied Fractional Calculus) Workshop Series at UC Merced since April 2014. Previously we had over 200 documented talks on various apsects in AFC at Utah State University here.

Please check our AFC homepage for news/activities at ( You are welcome to check our old AFC page at Utah State University)  [add infront of to fix broken links]

Summer 2021 - While getting out of pandemic (last updated: 5/30/2021 Sunday), a newly developed short course of 32 hours: "Applied Fractional Calculus in Big Data and Machine Learning" (大数据和机器学习中的应用分数阶微积分). Course material access (upon request in professional way, i.e., none anonymous from an institutional email address). Youtube channel playlist: (tbd). An overview paper "Why Do Big Data and Machine Learning Entail the Fractional Dynamics?" has the motivations why this course is needed as many do not see the dots actually connected that is AFC+BD+ML has to be recognized and comprehended now.

List of topics (subject to changes)

  • 分数阶微积分基础和分数阶思维 (Fractional calculus: Foundation and fractional order thinking FOT)

  • 分数阶微积分的几何和物理解释 (Geometric and physical interpretation of fractional calculus)

  • 基于分数阶微积分的复杂性世界观 (Complex world view based on fractional calculus)

  • 极端事件的分数阶微积分视角 (Fractional calculus view of extreme events)

  • 分数阶随机性(含简明整数阶随机过程复习)(Fractional stochasticity (includes integer order stochastic processes review)

  • 分数阶微积分相遇大数据: 从变化性到厚尾问题到分数阶微积分 (Fractional calculus meets big data: from variability to heavytailedness to fractional calculus)

  • 分数阶微积分相遇机器学习:从探索和利用的折中到多样性到分数阶微积分 (Fractional calculus meets machine learning: from the tradeoff between exploration and exploitation to diversity due to heavytailedness linked to fractional calculus)

  • 分数阶信号处理概论; 分数阶图像处理 (Fractional order signal processing FOSP and fractional order image processing FOIP)

  • 分数阶建模和更最优分数阶阻尼 (Fractional order modeling and more optimal fractional order damping)

  • 数值分数阶微积分技术 (Numerical techniques for fractional calculus)

  • NILT Simulink (Numerical inverse Laplace transform, Simulink based methods)

  • 分数阶梯度和静态最优化 (Fractional order gradient and static optimization)

  • 分数阶动态最优化 (Fractional Order Optimal Control FOOCP (or, fractional order dynamic optimization))

  • 分数阶随机加速梯度搜索 (Fractional stochastic accelerated gradient based search methods)

  • 分数阶随机无梯度搜索 (Fractional stochastic gradient-free search methods)

  • 深度学习中的厚尾问题 (Heavytailedness in deep learning)

  • 控制工程中的离群数据问题 (Outliers in control engineering)

Useful links for more updates.


  • 04/21/2014.
  • 05/05/2014.
  • 05/19/2014.
  • 06/02/2014. Fractional Calculus Day at UC Merced 2014 Edition cum The Fourth AFC Workshop @ MESA LAB @ UC MERCED - flyer.doc.
    • Dr. YangQuan Chen (10min) FC Day Introduction (PPT) [Event photos]
    • Dr. Yan Li (90 min) Recent developments in fractional-order dynamic systems: stability, control and optimization (Part-I and Part-II) ( (Invited speaker)
    • Dr. Ying Luo (45 min) Fractional Order Motion Control and Industrial Perspectives ( (Invited speaker)
    • Dr. Tomas Oppenheim (20min). Attention quantification and fractional calculus.
    • Yousef Naranjani (20min). Multi-objective optimal distributed order damping. (Invited speaker)
    • Dr. Jiacai Huang (20min). Motion control with human in the loop.
    • Dr. Xiaodong Sun (20min). Fractional Random Number Generators.
    • Dr. Guimei Zhang (20min). Fractional Order Image Processing: Multiview case.
    • Dr. Zhanbing Bai (20min). An Issue in Fractional Order Mechanics.
    • Dr. Zhigang Lian (20min). More optimal Levy search.
    • Jianxiong Cao (20min). Optimal spraying of fractional dynamic pest spreading in precision agriculture.
    • Yanan Qiu (20min). Fractional order friction compensation experiments.
    • Xiaobao Jia (20min). Occupancy engaged building energy efficiency: An overview.
    • Taizhi Lyu (20min). Hurst parameter of Hurst parameter series.
    • Zhuo Li (20min). Fractional order decoupler design.
    • Tiebiao Zhao (20min). Embedded RIOTS:A research roadmap.
    • Marwin Ko (20min). Human stress observer/estimator: A progress report.
    • Dr. YangQuan Chen (20min). Jitter dynamics, outlier’s data right and fractional calculus (PPT).
  • 06/16/2014.
    • Dr. YangQuan Chen. Comments on fractional calculus related papers at ACC2014  and ICRA2014.
    • Dr.  Tomas Oppenheim. CTRW Toolbox Tutorial (PPT).
    • Dr. Guimei Zhang. Multiview image stitching (PPT).
    • Dr. Jiacai Huang.  Mathematical models of human pilot behavior.
    • Dr. Zhanbing Bai. Montone iterative method for a class of fractional differential equations (PPT).
  • 06/30/2014. ICFDA2014 paper reading, roundtable discussion and personal research presentations.
    • Tomas Oppenheim. Main viewpoints of “Book of Extremes” and Why Fractional Calculus is the Tool (PPT).
    •  Dr. Guimei Zhang (PPT).
    •  Dr. Jiacai Huang (PPT).
    •  Dr. Xiaodong Sun (PPT).
    •  Dr. Zhigang Lian (PPT).
    •  Xiaobao Jia (PPT).
    •  Zhuo Li (PPT).
    •  Tiebiao Zhao (PPT).
  • 07/14/2014. Cancelled.
  • 07/28/2014.
    • Dr. Chen, QUO vadimus applied fractional calculus. (PPT)
    • Dr. Tomas Oppenheim (PPT).
    • Zhuo Li (PPT).
    • Niloufar Irannejad (PPT).
  • 08/11/2014. Prof. Igor Podlubny's visit.
    • Prof. Igor Podlubny, Fractional calculus and musical insruments: what is common?
    • Dr. Jiacai Huang, Human operator modeling using fractional calculus- old data with new interpretation.
    • Dr. Jiacai Huang, Applied fractional calculus related papers in China, a snap shot of 2014.
    • Jianxiong Cao, DRONE MATH-Optimal unmanned cropdusting for pest mangement:  the case of time-fractional, space-fractional and time-space fractional pest spreading dynamics.
    • Dr. Guimei Zhang, Fractional calculus and image processing.
    • Dr. Xiaodong Sun, Fractional calculus in sea clutter-A survey.
    • Dr. Yongli Song, Turing-Hopf bifurcations in the reaction-diffusion equations and its application to an autocatalysis model.
    • Yanan Qiu, Barrier Lyapunov Functions(BLF)-based output-constrained control for Brushless DC Motor with its application to ABS system.
    • Prof. Chen, What is new in Fall 2014 offering of ME 280 "Fractional Order Mechnics" @UC Merced.
  • 08/25/2014.
    • Dr. Zhigang Lian, Based on L´evy distribution searching scheme for the target and application to crashed flight.
    • Jianxiong Cao, Solving diffusion equations with two dimensional space variables from the prospective of control.
    • Yanan Qiu, Adaptive backstepping dynamic surface control for output constrained dynamic brushless DC motor. 
  • 09/08/2014. IFAC2014 paper reading, roundtable discussion and personal research presentations.
    • Dr. Chen, IFAC2014 trip sharing and research discussion.
    • Dr. Guimei Zhang (PPT).
    • Dr. Xiaodong Sun (PPT).
    • Xiaobao Jia (PPT).
    • Zhuo Li (PPT).
    • Yanan Qiu (PPT).
    • Tiebiao Zhao (PPT).
    • Jianxiong Cao (PPT).
  • 09/22/2014.
    • Prof. Liu (PPT).
    • Prof. Zhang (PPT).
    • Prof. Sun (PPT).


Group photo 04/21/2014 @ MESA Lab