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FCDay@UCMerced 2014 Edition photos

06/02/2014. Fractional Calculus Day at UC Merced 2014 Edition cum The Fourth AFC Workshop @ MESA LAB @ UC MERCED - flyer.doc

  • Dr. YangQuan Chen (10min) FC Day Introduction (PPT)
  • Dr. Yan Li (90 min) Recent developments in fractional-order dynamic systems: stability, control and optimization (Part-I and Part-II) ( (Invited speaker)
  • Dr. Ying Luo (45 min) Fractional Order Motion Control and Industrial Perspectives ( (Invited speaker)
  • Dr. Tomas Oppenheim (20min). Attention quantification and fractional calculus.
  • Yousef Naranjani (20min). Multi-objective optimal distributed order damping. (Invited speaker)
  • Dr. Jiacai Huang (20min). Motion control with human in the loop.
  • Dr. Xiaodong Sun (20min). Fractional Random Number Generators.
  • Dr. Guimei Zhang (20min). Fractional Order Image Processing: Multiview case.
  • Dr. Zhanbing Bai (20min). An Issue in Fractional Order Mechanics.
  • Dr. Zhigang Lian (20min). More optimal Levy search.
  • Jianxiong Cao (20min). Optimal spraying of fractional dynamic pest spreading in precision agriculture.
  • Yanan Qiu (20min). Fractional order friction compensation experiments.
  • Xiaobao Jia (20min). Occupancy engaged building energy efficiency: An overview.
  • Taizhi Lyu (20min). Hurst parameter of Hurst parameter series.
  • Zhuo Li (20min). Fractional order decoupler design.
  • Tiebiao Zhao (20min). Embedded RIOTS:A research roadmap.
  • Marwin Ko (20min). Human stress observer/estimator: A progress report.
  • Dr. YangQuan Chen (20min). Jitter dynamics, outlier’s data right and fractional calculus (PPT).