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vol. 23, no. 12

(Monthly) Dec. 20, 2016


Multi-objective Optimization of Water Distribution System Based on an Improved NSGA2 Algorithm …… QIAO Jun-fei,  et al  (1861) [PDF]

Model-based Design for Automotive Control Systems···CHEN Hong, et al (1867) [PDF]

Design and Implementation of Fault-Tolerant Control Algorithms for an Unmanned Quadrotor System ... ZHANG You-min, et al (1874)  [PDF]

Design and Engineering Practice of ITAE Optimum Type-Ill Servo System ... CHEN Ming-jun, et al ( 1883) [PDF]

Control of Industrial Energy Systems: Mining Industry as a Case Study.........     ZHANG Li-jun, et al (1891) [PDF]

A FlexRay-based Fault-tolerant Flight Control Computer for UAV.......LV Xun-hong , et al.  (1901 )  [PDF]

Gain Scheduled Dynamic Anti-windup with Anticipatory Activation for Nano-positioning systems ·· YANG Xiao-jian, et al (1909) [PDF]

Integrated Modular Control System Based on the Simulation of Dynamic Characteristics of Process  Industry. LI Shao-yang, et al (1918) [PDF]


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