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Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Automation

SIG (Special Interest Group) on PTUC (Precision Temperature Uniformity Control)

SIG (Special Interest Group) on PTUC (Precision Temperature Uniformity Control)

(Since 10/16/2017)

What and why SIG PTUC: 

We focus on controller design challenges in achieving precise temperature field uniformity in a domain or zone of interest with many sensors and many actuators (Heaters/Chillers). This type of sensor- and actuator-rich distributed parameter system calls for new ideas of controller design. We proposed a new framework known as "Cognitive Process Control (CPC)" where information-driven rather than signal-driven control strategies are to be explored where real-time analytics, embedded AI, big data and deep learning etc. are routinely used.


  • 10/16/2018. Embedded RIOTS+MPC now successfully running on Rasberry Pi 3 B+. A historical moment! It has been 10 years from the first 2008 paper [11]. A great team work of Jairo Viola and Sina Dehghan. What is next? General Purpose MPC at the Edge or simply "Edge MPC" - this will be the industrial trend, e.g., PPMA, Win10 IoT!

  • 09/2018. R2R review paper accepted to be published.

  • 09/2018. Welcome new team members: Jairo Viola, Alberto Radici, Zhenlong Wu.


  • Professor YangQuan Chen
  • Jie Yuan, Ph.D. candidate (2016-)
  • Sina Dehghan, Ph.D. candidate (2015-)
  • Jairo Viola, Ph.D. student (2018-)
  • Alberto Radici, MSc. Exchange Graduate Student (University of Brescia) (2018)
  • Zhenlong Wu, Ph.D. Exchange Student (Tsinghua University) (2018-2019)

Former members:

  • Dr. Zhuo Li (2011-2015) (Ph.D. thesis)
  • Dr. Lu Liu (2014-2016.9)
  • Dr. Kai Liu (2015-2017.6)
  • Yang Zhao, Ph.D. candidate (2017-2018.9)
  • Abdullah Ates, Ph.D. candidate (2017-2018.5)
  • Tiebiao Zhao, Ph.D. candidate (2013-2018.5)



Cretaed 10/30/2017 by Prof. YangQuan Chen. Last updated 10/30/17, 9/23/18.