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RIOTS-A Matlab Toolbox for Solving General Optimal Control Problems


  • 4/26/2019. Jairo Viola will present our visionary work "MPC at the edge"

  • 10/16/2018. Embedded RIOTS+MPC now successfully running on Rasberry Pi 3 B+. A historical moment! It has been 10 years from the first 2008 paper [11]. A great team work of Jairo Viola and Sina Dehghan. What is next? General MPC at the Edge or simply "Edge MPC" - this will be the industrial trend, e.g., PPMA!

  • 1/28/2018. RIOTS for Windows 10, MATLAB R2017b, MinGW GCC 5.3 is ready. Demo is released here. ( and readme.txt)

  • 01/2018. IFAC PID2018, Benchmark Problem. 

    • Our RIOTS_95 based MPC has achieved J=0.3 over C2 and J=0.2 over C1 without dedicated tuning/optimization. Impressively done by Sina Dehghan, Ph.D. candidate at ME Dept of UC Merced and our other members in PTUC SIG! (paper presented at IFAC PID2018 available here. Also see arXiv)


RIOTS (created by A. L. Schwartz in his Ph.D. dissertation at UC Berkeley in 1996) is a group of programs and utilities, written mostly in C, Fortran, and M-file scripts and designed as a toolbox for Matlab, that provides an interactive environment for solving a very broad class of optimal control problems. It's originally running on Sun OS4. YangQuan Chen made it for Windows 95 in 1997 based on MEX4 (thus we call it RIOTS_95, with links to thesis and user's manual). Jinsong Liang rebuilt RIOTS under Win XP based on MEX6 in 2004. Tiebiao Zhao rebuilt RIOTS under Win7/8 based on MEX64 in early 2014. As of Jan. 2018, RIOTS was fully rebuilt using MATLAB R2017b and MinGW 4.9.2, again by Teibiao.

Main Contributions

  • The first implementation of consistent approximation using discretization methods based on Runge-Kutta integration.
  • Solves a very large class of finite-time optimal control problems

             - trajectory and endpoint constraints

             - control bounds

             - variable initial conditions and free final time problems

             - integral and/or endpoint cost functions

  • System functions can be supplied by the user as either C-files or M-files.
  • System dynamics can be integrated with fixed step-size Runge-Kutta integration, a discrete-time solver or a variable step-size method.
  • The controls are represented as splines, allowing for a high degree of function approximation accuracy without requiring a large number of control parameters.
  • The optimization routines use a coordinate transformation, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of iterations required to solve a problem and an increase in the solution accuracy.
  • There are three main optimization routines suited fro different levels of generality of the optimal control problem.
  • There are programs that provide estimates of the integration error.
  • The main optimization routine includes a special feature for dealing with singular optimal control problems.

Problem Description

RIOTS is designed to solve optimal control problems of the following form:


Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP(32-bit or 64-bit), Vista Business/Ultimate editions (32-bit or 64-bit), 7 Professional (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Matlab 6.5 and later version (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • MATLAB R2017b, Windows 10, MinGW GCC 5.3. (as of Jan 2018)
  • MATLAB R2015b, Ubuntu 16.04, MinGW64. (as of Jan. 2018)


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    For further information about RIOTS, please contact Dr. YangQuan Chen. This webpage was first is created and maintained by Tiebiao Zhao and Professor YangQuan Chen. Last updated 1/26/2018 by Prof. Chen (