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10th MESA LAB R&R Symposium and MESA LAB 2013 top 10s

February 17, 2014

The first R&R was on Feb. 9, 2012 started by Brandon Stark, the MESA LAB MANAGER.

The 10th MESA LAB R&R Symposium held on Feb. 8, 2014 from 2-6PM. Details can be found here. The event flyer is here.

Dr. Chen announced the MESA LAB 2013 top 10s as follows:

Top 10 DRONE News of MESA LAB @ UC Merced in 2013

  1. Dr. Chen delivered an invited public lecture "THE DRONE AGE" in Castle Air Museum in Feb.
  2. MESA LAB is an official team member to bid for FAA UAS TSS in March.
  3. FAA CoA application went to final stage “effective pending signature” submitted in May.
  4. Participation of ICUAS 2013 in Atlanta in May. Offered a half-day ICUAS 2013 Tutorial "T4: SUAS Airworthiness, Architecture, and Human Factors".
  5. Dr. Chen served as an invited Legislative Hearing panelist in Sacramento, California in August.
  6. Dr. Chen and MESA LAB Manager Brandon Stark attended Ag Drone meeting organized by VCEDA in Oct.
  7. MESA LAB Manager Brandon Stark presented two papers at IFAC RED-UAS in France in November.
  8. Dr. Chen offered two lectures in UCCE "CE for Pest Management Professionals” on "UAV-Based Pest Management as a Cyber-Physical System“ in November.
  9. MESA LAB was chosen to be on exhibition in Library for Fall 2013 semester from Oct. to Dec. UC Merced Magazine Inaugural Issue features MESA LAB story.
  10. Proposed CIDER as part of the 2020 UC Merced Strategic Academic Focusing Initiative Proposal  in December.

Top 10 AFC (Applied Fractional Calculus) News of MESA LAB @ UC Merced in 2013

  1. Theme Issue on published @ Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society A Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences (Fractional calculus and its applications)
  2. Wimeo link to Dr. Chen's talk "All connected via fractional calculus: Power law, scale-free, heavy-tailedness, long range dependence, long memory, and complexity due to fractional dynamics" (
  3. Fractional Calculus Day @ UCMerced in June with Invited Keynote Speakers Igor Podlubny and Francesco Mainardi. (sister event: Fractional Fractional Calculus Day at Utah State University
  4. Dr. Chen started to offer regularly ME280 “Fractional Order Mechanics” (August to Dec.)
  5. Bruce J. West's visit to UC Merced MESA LAB on Monday 9/16/2013
  6. Mechatronics Special Issue on "Fractional order modeling and control in mechatronics" is now online!
  7. Dr. Chen delivered a plenary lecture at TOK 2013, Turkey on “Fractional Order Thinking” in Nov. and offered a half day tutorial on “Fractional Order Motion Controls”.
  8. MESA LAB @ UC MERCED Presents “Drones, Mechatronics and Fractional Calculus –MESA LAB 2013 Mid-Summer Symposium with Malgorzata Klimek’s invited keynote lectures.
  9. ASME IDETC/CIE activities: FDTA13@MESA13@ASME IDETC/CIE13; Panel Session: "When fractional calculus meets mechatronics"; Preconference Workshop "Fractional Order Mechanics" (full day); Preconference Workshop "Fractional Order Motion Controls"
  10. Professor Richard L. Magin's visit to UC Merced Dec. 04 - Dec. 07, 2013

Top 10 Mechatronics/Robotics Educations and Research News of MESA LAB @ UC Merced in 2013

  1. Since 2013, Dr. Chen serves as the Topic Editor-in-Chief for IJARS (International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems) on “Field Robotics” including UAVs, agriculture robots etc.
  2. Jan.-May. ME142 Mechatronics (4 credits) was offered in Spring 2013 with 40+ students with minimum prerequisites (circuits and statics/dynamics) open for all engineering students. Each student spent 3 hours each week for Mechatronics Labs using a take-home lab kit we developed known as MESABox.
  3. June. Dr. Chen presented a visionary talk on “When UAV meets Fractional Calculus” at the June-edition of the Robots and Ribs MESA LAB Symposium to link human factor research and fractional order signal processing in state-of-human observer.
  4. July. MESA LAB @ UC MERCED Presents “Drones, Mechatronics and Fractional Calculus –MESA LAB 2013 Mid-Summer Symposium
  5. August. At ASME IDETC/CIE 2013 in Portland, OR, a half day pre-conference workshop was offered by MESA LAB members Brandon Stark, Zhuo Li and Brendan Smith on “Personalizing Mechatronics Education Utilizing an Open-Source Real-Time Control System Rapid Prototyping Platform”(W5). The workshop was very well received. Dr. Chen also organized and moderated a 2 hour MESA2013 Panel Discussion Session. "When Fractional Calculus Meets Mechatronics." Best Paper award from 2013 ASME/IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Applications (MESA’13) entitled "Minimum Energy Cognitive Lighting Control: Stability Analysis and Experiments" by MESA Lab members, Chun Yin and Brandon Stark.
  6. September. Wiley book “System Simulation Techniques with MATLAB and Simulink” was published (with Prof. D. Xue) which has a section introducing MESABox – a low cost rapid prototyping of real-time closed loop control platform, and its Apps.
  7. September. Dr. Chen serves as a judge for Robotic Business Review's 2013 Game Changer Awards
  8. October. United States Patent Application 20130268219 was published online. “Fractional Order Power Point Tracking” with Hadi Malek.
  9. October. A historical Mechatronics Special Issue on "Fractional order modeling and control in mechatronics" is published in October issue!
  10. November. Professor Kevin Moore and Dr. Deyun Meng’s visit with invited seminars on Consensus in Networks: Coordination and Control of Cyber Physical Systems from Unmanned Vehicles to Energy-Efficient Buildings” and “ILC for MAS” (marching band formation movies)