Better Understanding Complexity via Fractional Calculus

 Better Understanding Complexity via Fractional Calculus

Fractional Calculus for Complex Systems (FCCS)

NEW: Call for chapter contribution 6/24/2017.

Prof. YangQuan Chen serves as the Section Editor for a new volume entitled "Fractional Calculus for Complex Systems", part of the 2nd edition of "Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science", Editor: Meyers, Robert A. (Ed.) to be published by 2020. The first edition was published in 2009 with 10370 pages [local copy of the Front Matter]

Thanks to Editor-in-chief: Meyers, Robert A. and the Executive Editor David Packer for the support in establishing this new volume  "Fractional Calculus for Complex Systems" in this monumental encyclopedia. Target delivery date is December 31, 2018.

The orginal new volume proposal is here. You may check it for justification of having this new volume.

Here is the Guidelines for Authors for this Encyclopedia.

Sample Chapters can be found here.

Key parameters: Minimum number of chapters 30 to 50 (no upper limit); 9,000–12,000 words (plus figures and references) per chapter (or 10-12 published pages); delivery date 12/31/2018; online only system at

Created 6/24/2017.

In spring 2009, I was trying to apply to spend my sabbatical leave at SFI (Santa Fe Institute). To my disappointment, they declined me. I was proposing to SFI that Fractional Calculus (FC) should be the correct math substrate for characterization and even regulation of complexities. 

The organizers of The International Symposium on Fractional Signals and Systems 2015, hosted by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania,1-3 October 2015 invited me to the Invited Debate Session Lecture. I give a talk with the title: "Better Understanding Complexities via Fractional Calculus: from Extreme Events to Taoism".

Here is a copy of the talk flyer (PDF), and a copy of my talk slides (PDF).


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