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Edge-AI for MESA (Mechatronics Embedded Systems and Automation)

2023 AIET for MESA papers (last updated 8/12/2023)

IDETC-CIE 2023 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference. In-Person Event. Boston Park Plaza, Boston MA; August 20–23, 2023

The 2022 Symposium on "AI and Emerging Technologies for MESA (Mechatronics Embedded Systems and Automation)" (AIET for MESA) MESA-01: "AI and Emerging Technologies for MESA (Mechatronics Embedded Systems and Automation)" Submission link  (submission deadline 9/25/22)

The 2021 Symposium on "AI and Emerging Technologies for MESA (Mechatronics Embedded Systems and Automation)"


as a part of the

The 2021 ASME/IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Embedded Systems and Applications 

(The 16th ASME/IEEE MESA2021 Chairs: Drs. Chris Pretty and Abhijit Nagchaudhuri)

August 17-20, 2021, Virtual Conference and

(Please check out two other symposia collocated: SUAVTA, FDTA)

Enabled by cloud to edge to embedded computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies for MESA (Mechatronics Embedded/Edge Systems and Automation) are becoming an integrated topic area in mechatronics as we see it today. Making mechatronics systems smarter and smarter enpowered by AI in cloud, edge, or embedded levels, is a ubiquitous theme in mechatronics research, education and developments (RED). Smartness is signified by the traits of, per NSF, 1/ cognizant, 2/ taskable, 3/ adaptive, 4/ ethical and 5/ knowledge-rich.  

For 2021 AIET Symposium under ASME/IEEE MESA19, papers are solicited in the area of AI and emerging technologies for MESA related applications. The subjects of the papers may include, but are not limited to,

  • cloud/edge computing empowered MESA systems
  • edge AI for embedded systems
  • deep learning control 
  • energy efficiency MESA systems using informatics
  • big data driven health aware mechatronic system operation
  • human factor and human experience transfer learning
  • human-centric mechatronics
  • Human mechatronics sharing control
  • Self-optimizing control of mechatronics systems
  • Digital Twin (SCE) enabled smart control engineering (SCE)
  • ...
  • other emerging topics for MESA systems.

Paper submission is a two stage process. Papers with the e-mail addresses of the authors must be submitted online abstract(s) at  by February 23, 2021. After the abstract submission, you MUST also submit a full length paper for peer review by February 23, 2021. Here is the template. This deadline is final - so be on time or earlier! All manuscripts after a successful review procedure will be published in the conference proceedings. It will be EI-indexed and published online (2017). 2019 proceedings is here. For further information, please contact AIET2021 Virtual Conference symposium organizers:

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