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Congratulations to Prof. Chen for setting up the new CRC Book Series (FOT4STEM)

November 7, 2023

The idea came from the pandemic times when Prof. Bruce J West and Prof. YangQuan Chen were having regular meetings for random chats on research opportunities and ideas. It took a while to get this set up with Taylor Francis thanks to Ms. Lian Sun, Publisher, Taylor & Francis Advanced Learning.

CRC Book Series on Fractional Order Thinking in Exploring the Frontiers of STEM.

Volume 1 - Fractional Order Calculus for Skeptics I (submitted to printer) May 2024.

Volume 2 - On The Fractal Language of Medicine (contracted) 2024

Volume 3 - Fractional Order Battery Modeling (Under peer review) 2024

3 more volumes are under planning/developments


This is an exciting event in the history of fractional calculus.

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