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Fractional Calculus Day at University of California, Merced (FCDay@UCMerced)

Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Automation (MESA) Lab


2015 Fractional Calculus Day @ UCMerced


The AFC Workshop Series @ MESA LAB @ UC Merced

(Please email RSVP to Prof. YangQuan Chen ( if you plan to attend by July 1st, 2015)



Prof. YangQuan Chen, ME/EECS/SNRI/HSRI/CITRIS, School of Engineering, E:

When and Where:

July 6, 2015. Monday, 9AM-5PM. Soda/pizza provided.

MESA LAB @ 4225 N. Hospital Rd., Atwater, CA 95301. Tel: (209)-2284398 (lab)

UC Merced Castle Facility is a gated community. Please RSVP or call at the main entrance.

Why you should attend?

Fractional calculus (FC) is about differentiation or integration of non-integer orders. The concept of fractional calculus has tremendous potential to change the way we see, model, and control the nature around us. Using integer order calculus, behaviors of many complex systems are being said/complained to be “anomalous” such as “anomalous relaxation”, “anomalous diffusion” etc. It has already been known that “Anomalous is normal” from observation and modeling point of view if fractional calculus is used. Meanwhile, beneficial uses of the mathematical tool of fractional calculus from engineering point of view are being shown and (hopefully) fractional calculus will become an enabler for new science discoveries.

If you wish to do potentially transformative research using this new tool of FC, FC Day @ UCMerced event is for you for free!

Confirmed Speakers:

·        Prof. Antonio VISIOLI, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Brescia, Italy. Enhanced robustness via fractional order control. (title TBD)

·        Dr. Ying Luo, Hermes Micronvision, USA. (to be confirmed)

·        Yousef Naranjani/Yousef Sardahi / Lincong Chen / (to be confirmed)

·        Other MESA LAB AFC (Applied Fractional Calculus) Group members (20 min each)

o   Yanan Qiu. (to be confirmed)

o   Lu Liu. (to be confirmed)

o   Marwin Ko. MS Thesis summary (to be confirmed)

o   Dr. Cuihong Wang (to be confirmed)

o   Jianhong Wang (to be confirmed)

o   Fudong Ge  (to be confirmed)

o   Duval Johnson: MRF research roadmap: An update (to be confirmed)

o   Dr. Hua Chen (to be confirmed)

o   Dr. Jianxin Liu (to be confirmed)

o   And more