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UAS4STEM: Unmanned Aerial Systems for STEM education

UAS4STEM: Unmanned Aerial Systems for STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) Education @ UC Merced


We have been building multi-tiered UAS4STEM ecosystem at UC Merced. [Slides (PDF 6.4Mb) (PPT 21Mb) for more information]

ME-190 "Unmanned Aerial Systems" Course [Fall 2016 offering; Summer 2017 offering]

  • Catalog course description“Unmanned Aerial Systems” (UAS) prepares students with essential foundational, design, integration and operational knowledge to meet emerging UAS workforce demands. Topics: UAS history, classification, applications, safety compliance; UAS components, basic aerodynamics, flight dynamics, navigation and control, payload integration, mission planning, sense-n-avoid; UAS use cases and other selected emerging topics.   (4 credits with labs.) [Summer 2017 Course Flyer]

ME-190 "Unmanned Aerial Systems" Labs

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