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Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Automation

6th Robots and Ribs (R&R)

The 6th R&R agenda

·        Introductions

·        Food Dispersal

·        Administrative Updates

o   Fall Research Program – Dr. YangQuan Chen

·        Research Presentations

o   The ‘I’ Words, You & Your Research - Dr. YangQuan Chen

o   Bio-Sensing HRV/H.A.I.T. – Marwin Ko

o   Optimal Cropdusting Control – Sean Rider

·        Technical Demos (5 minutes)

o   Solar Tracker Update – Brennan Stevenson/Kevin Stow-Parker

o   Skiachro the Terror of the Sky – Ester Aguilar

o   Bobcat Animatronic Update – Grant McGreggor

o   GLaDOS – Brandon Stark

o   NDVI Camera – Brandon Stark

·        Updates/Presentations

o   MESA 2013 – Brandon Stark

o   Farewell to Chun Yin/ Introducing Dr. Bai

o   Introducing AIAA – Eduardo Rojes-Flores

o   Introducing Vanguard – Alyson Cabral

o   Introducing Engineers for a Sustainable World – Brennan Stevenson

·        Play Time

o   AR Drone

o   Aquacopter

o   Replicator 2

Everyone back to work!