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Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Automation

7th Robots and Ribs (R&R)

The 7th R&R agenda


·        Introductions

·        Invited Speakers

o   TerrAvion – Robert Morris

·        Research Presentations

o   Drones for Farmers - Dr. YangQuan Chen

o   Turkey Trip Report – Dr. Chen

o   MESA Kit – Brendan Smith

o   RIOTS – Terry (Tiebiao Zhao)

o   Controdiction, Falacious and Negligence - Zhuo Li

·        ME195 (5 minutes per unit)

o   Brennan/Kevin – 20 minutes

o   Ester – 15 minutes

o   Fabian – 10 minutes

o   Daniel – 5 minutes

o   Erik – 20 minutes

·        Updates/Presentations

o   Introducing AIAA – Eduardo Rojes-Flores

o   Server Presentation - Robert