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MESA Lab 2024 research group members

June 23, 2024

MESA Lab 2024 research group members

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, CEMRI Center Manager: Dr. Derek Hollenbeck
  • Visiting (Exchange) Professors, Exchange Undergraduates/Graduates: Prof. Liu, Xiguang ** (China); Prof. Norelys Aguila Camacho (Chile); Mr. Nicolas Dubuisson * (France) and Mr. Ricardo Andres Quiroz Uribe * (Mexico)
  • Ph.D. students: Justus Nwoke (ME); Rafal Krzysiak (ME); Shiang Cao (ME); Osama Fuad Abdel Aal (ME); Sachin Giri (EECS); Mohammad Partohaghighi *; Shakir Amjad *
  • Undergraduate researchers: Jonathan Gonzalez*; Marlon Romero*; Andrew Amavizca*; Alan Kuang*,┬áNicolas Perez Yen*.
  • MESA Lab Research Interns: Patrick Zhang; Jiahe Lu; Brandon LiWang*
  • ME/ENGR195 Independent Research student: Amy Chan

*New; **Leaving

Welcome all for an exciting summer 2024 research season!

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