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Congratualtions to Di An and Shiang Cao for winning F3 (DOC BBB) GSR grants

May 1, 2023

Congratualtions to Di An and Shiang Cao for winning F3 (DOC BBB) GSR grants each with 2 semester's GSRs valued at more than $100,000.

Introduction & Program Description: The objective of the Farms Food Future Innovation Initiative (or F3), as funded by US Dept. of
Commerce (DOC)
, Economic Development Administration Build Back Better (BBB) Regional Challenge, is to leverage the San Joaquin Valley’s industry concentration and expertise to develop a world-class, Climate-Smart Food and Ag Tech Engineering Cluster that develops advanced, sustainable food production and food manufacturing focused on cross-disciplinary engineering capabilities. To help achieve this aim, the F3 R&D GSR Award will fund graduate student research and mentorship activities. As an F3 activity, the F3 R&D GSR Award will serve to support the F3 Innovation ag-food-tech industry cluster as a collaboration between UC Merced Graduate Division and the UC Merced VISTA Center. (CFP pdf)

Di An project title: "Intelligent Soil Carbon Assessment Network (iScan): An XAIoT Empowered Unmanned System Based Mobile Sensing Solution"  (Climate Smart Food Systems; Climate Resilience and Regenerative Agriculture; Mechatronics; Internet-of-Things, Edge Computing)

Shiang Cao project title: "A Digital Twin of A Smart Saltwater Greenhouse" (Smart Agriculture, Digital Twin technology, Climate Smart Food System)


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