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Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Automation

MESA Lab welcomes new members Spring-Summer 2021

April 25, 2021

MESA Lab welcomes the following new members

  • Ph.D. student Muhammad Hassaan Ahmed (ME Dept. Spring 2021)
    • Smart control of semiconductor manufacturing processes (edge-AI, digital twin, edge computing, edge-MPC etc)
  • Undergraduate researchers (Summer April-June 30th)
    • MESA Lab undergraduate research volunteers
      • Yingshi Liu (tbd)
    • UROC research intern
      • Rodrigo Elizarraraz 
    • AgTech interns ( [Managing graduate mentor: Furkan Guc]
      • William Le. Early detection of nematode infestation levels with machine learning algorithms and a micro-spectrometer, Scio (Ph.D. mentor: Haoyu Niu)
      • Demitrius Zulevic MOABS/DT (Ph.D. mentor: Derek Hollenbeck)
      • Alonso Ortiz  A  smart phone  App development for Scio proximate sensor for crop health detection. (Ph.D. mentor: Haoyu Niu)
      • Diane Leal Delgado “How AI/Machine Learning and Smart Mechatronics contribute to carbon-negative technologies”(UAV+UGV)  (Ph.D. mentor: An Di)
      • Renato Mendoza Chavez “How Smart Mechatronics contribute to carbon-negative/neutralization technologies” (Ph.D. mentor: An Di)
      • Romeo Marroquin Ajcac  Digital Twin Thermal Systems and Controls (COMSOL+MATLAB) (Ph.D. mentor: Jairo Viola)
    • ME195 (Spring 2021) independent research students
      • Juan Gomez  (Prof. Chen and Furkan) Google Drive documentation of efforts
      • Adrian Huizar  (Prof. Chen and Furkan) Google Drive documentation of efforts

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