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Professor Chen will deliver a plenary lecture at ICCMA 2019 in Netherlands

April 12, 2019

Professor Chen will deliver a plenary lecture at ICCMA 2019 in Netherlands.

2019 The 7th International Conference on Control, Mechatronics and Automation will be held in TU Delft, Netherlands on November 6-8, 2019. 

ICCMA has served a wide international academic audience with the first edition held in Sydney (Australia) in 2013, followed by Dubai (UAE) in 2014 and the two consecutive editions of 2015 and 2016 in Barcelona (Spain), 2017 at University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, with the latest conference held in 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. In 2019, TU Delft, the Netherlands welcomes the 7th edition of ICCMA. The conference provides a platform for scientists, scholars, engineers and students from universities and industries around the world to present exciting ongoing research activities, and hence fosters research relations between universities and the industry. This conference is now a well-known event worldwide and the number of paper submissions and attendees are increasing every year.

Title: Greener Process/Motion Control Using Fractional Calculus
Abstract: By fractional calculus, we mean that the order of differentiation/integration can be non-integer. Denying fractional calculus is like saying that there are no nonintegers in between integers. For control engineers, the fundamental question is: Can the fractional order controller really outperform its integer order counterparts under fairness consideration? We will show that fractional order proportional derivative and integral controllers (FOPID) indeed outperform integer order PID controllers (IOPID) under fairness comparison for first order plus time-delay (FOPTD) plants. It is now being accepted that the additional freedom in tuning the FOPIDs can offer good potential to achieve better performance at the cost of extra implementation efforts. Since the embedded computing power and memory are both getting cheaper and cheaper, people are running out of excuses not to attempt FOPID in industry 4.0 era when more optimal performance is being pursued. FOPID can do better than the best of its integer order counterpart under fairness comparisons in terms of performance, robustness margins and even control energy consumption. We then focus on the energy consumption of control efforts and we make a convincing case that it is possible to achieve greener process/motion control using fractional calculus that has huge implications in many industry sectors. 

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