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MESA Lab summer 2019 is busy in outrech activities as well

May 31, 2019

MESA Lab summer 2019 is busy in outrech activities as well

Here are some MESA LAB 2019 summer outreach activities (past Outreach Activities)

  1. Merced River Fair (Pick and Gather) MESA LAB Drone Booth (flyer)
    1. Jaime Rivera / Ryan Wong, Haoyu Niu, Peng Wang, Prof. Chen
  2. Merced County Fair, UCM Drone Cage Show [] We supported last summer as well
    1. Jose Alcala, Jaime Rivera / Ryan Wong, Tomny Hang, Andrew O Garcia, Madoka Oyama, (Christopher Butler  / Miguel Lopez )
  3. UCCE Merced Drone Demo Day (fly of agenda) The 2019 UAV/Technology Field Day [link to 2018 Field Day]
    1. Jaime Rivera / Ryan Wong, led by Haoyu Niu, Peng Wang
  4. CALTEACH Bobcat Summer STEM Academy (2019 Year-4 MESA Lab)
    1. Led by Jose Alcala (Year-2)
  5. Asm. Patterson UCM Campus Visit
    1. Derek Hollenbeck to lead the tour (Cori Lucero, Executive Director, Government & Community Relations / External Relations)
  6. Singapore Delegate visit
    1. Led by UC Solar Sara Kurtz
  7. UROC Summer programs
    1. Jorge L. Arroyo, Ed.D. Director, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center


Outreach CCC/CSU contacts in NorCal

  • Dr. Gregory Kriehn, CSU Fresno
  • Dr. Kathleen Kanemoto, Merced College
  • Dr. Wencen Wu, CSU San Jose (SJSU)
  • Dr. Oluwarotimi Odeh, CSU Stanislaus