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NSF grant for big data and machine learning research infrastructure

October 23, 2017

CI-New: Cognitive Hardware and Software Ecosystem Community Intrastructure (CHASE-CI)

MESA Lab is one of the 10 campus participants to this $1M NSF CI grant. We will have much more computing power for big data and deep learning related research. FIONA (Fast I/O Network Appliance) will be ready soon.

The Cubix Expansion chassis houses 8 GTX 1080 Founder’s cards. Here’s more information on that:

Our previous GPU faccility at MESA Lab is shown here:  (2 sets)

=== Project Summary ===

This project, called the Cognitive Hardware And Software Ecosystem Community Infrastructure (CHASE-CI), will build a cloud of hundreds of affordable Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), networked together with a variety of neural network machines to facilitate development of next generation cognitive computing. This cloud will be accessible by 30 researchers assembled from 10 universities via the NSF-funded Pacific Research Platform. These researchers will investigate a range of problems from image and video recognition, computer vision, contextual robotics to cognitive neurosciences using the cloud to be purpose-built in this project.

Training of neural network with large data-sets is best performed on GPUs. Lack of availability of affordable GPUs and lack of easy access to the new generation of Non-von Neumann (NvN) machines with embedded neural networks impede research in cognitive computing. The purpose-built cloud will be available over the network to address this bottleneck. PIs will study various Deep Neural Network, Recurrent Neural Network, and Reinforcement Learning Algorithms on this platform.




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