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Outreach lecture module: "The Age of Data-Drones: Wright Brothers 2.0"

October 5, 2014

On Sept. 20th, 2014, Saturday, on the campus of The Da Vinci Center for Innovative Learning of SJCOE, Stockton, CA, Dr. Chen gave 4 sessions of lectures, each with 45 min. to a group of nearly 60 elementary school teachers on "The Age of Data-Drones: Wright Brothers 2.0". This outreach actitivity is part of the CAMSP (California Mathematics and Science Partnership) cohort 10 grant led by Glen White of Tuolumne COE under grant #13-14512-1055-00 (known as STEM-TRACKS. Its new web site is

The purpose is to make science/technology teaching module for potential class room use for students in grade 3 to 5.

Graduate student of MESA LAB, Marwin Ko also offered a parallel session on very basics on electricity.

Teaching materials in a zipped package were delivered to the teachers for possible class room use. If you are interested in getting this package (ppts, movie clips), please send email to request a copy.