Robots and Ribs (R&R) MESA Lab Symposium Series

Robots & Ribs MESA Lab Symposium Series

Robots & Ribs is the MESA Lab's regular research symposium series.  Innovating presentations from not only members of MESA Lab, but from the UC Merced community, student groups and special invited guests. 
Next Event:
First week of July 2015
Program of Events
  • Journal Research Presentations
  • Exciting TechnicalDemonstrations
  • Guided Discussions and Stimulating Talks
  • Networking, Peer Learning and Team building
Robots & Ribs Recaps (RRR)
1st R&R  [2/9/2013]
2nd R&R [3/9/2013]
3rd R&R [4/20/2013]
4th R&R [6/1/2013]
5th R&R [7/13/2013]
6th R&R [8/31/2013]
7th R&R [10/05/2013]
8th R&R [11/01/2013] Special guest: Dr. Kevin Moore
9th R&R [12/06/2013] Special guest:Dr. Richard Magin
10th R&R [2/08/2014] Special guest: Jure Zaninovich
11th R&R [4/04/2014] Special guest: Mel Torrie
12th R&R [7/11/2014] Special guests: Jim Duarte team from Duarte Nursery; Shannon McElyea and Larry Ellis of Earth, Air, Space; Larry Burrow and staff of UCCE; Chris Butler of UCM ESL; and Nara Narahaari of SOE UCM.
13th R&R [10/13/2014] Special Guest: Teledyne.
14th R&R [03/21/2015] Special Guest: AgriFlight Bruce Parks
16th R&R [11/07/2015]