Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Researchers

Vincent Vargas

Undergraduate Researcher/Web Assistant/Programmer

Vincent Vargas is a fourth-year mechanical engineering student. At the current moment, he assists the mesa lab as a programmer. He mainly helps maintain the mesa website as well as assisting in the mesa mapping project. Vincent's interest are wide and varied, including everything from programming to even more abstract topics like electrical engineering and mechatronics. He hopes to someday take what he has learned as an engineer and become an import and exporter. In his free time, Vincent occasionally assists the non-profit called BEAT whose mission is to educate central valley youth in topics such as Engineering, Programming, and Biology.

Jacqueline Clow

Undergraduate Researcher/ Programmer

Jacqueline Clow is a second year Computer Science and Engineering student who joined mesa labs in October 2014 as a budding programmer. Her interest in programming began with her own web design business that began at age twelve. It broadened in high school when she joined the FIRST robotics team at her high school. Last summer, she had the unique opportunity to conduct research into UAS with NASA Langley Research Center and published a paper on the use of UAS for measuring methane. Her current project is helping to build WebSystems Server to help bring data intense information to low bandwidth consumers. Her interest is learning languages, digital or otherwise.

Forrest Yeh

Undergraduate Researcher/3D Printer Technician

Forrest Yeh is currently a fourth year undergraduate at The University of California, Merced, studying for his BS in Bioengineering with a minor in Cognitive Science. His research is a Neurorobotics project in collaboration with Dr. Warlaumont’s Emergence of Communication Lab. Forrest plans to go to med school to be a doctor of Osteopathy. In his free time, he enjoys building and fighting combat robots including the Raging Scotsman, ranked 3rd in the world.

Manuel Zaragoza

Undergraduate Robotic Prototyping Technician Intern

Manuel is currently a Third-Year undergraduate student at the University of California Merced. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and is expected to graduate in Spring 2017. His interests are designing 3-D figures for research using Autodesk Fusion 360, drawing multiple robotics designs, reading books, and working on business devolvement. One of his goals is to make multiple companies that will have a positive impact on the world and make UC Merced known throughout the world.

Blair Macleod

Undergraduate Robotic Prototyping Technician Intern

Blair Macleod is a second-year student pursuing a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in studio art. As an artist, she plans to approach the creative side of mechanical engineering.  Her passion includes drawing, painting, sculpting, building, and pretty much everything else along those lines. 

Daniel Seryani

Undergraduate Lab Technician Intern

I am a fourth-year mechanical engineering major here at UC Merced who is looking to pursue a masters degree in business management and a six sigma certification. I came here as a transfer student since 2013 from southern California. I'm working towards being able to create and build a startup that will eventually lead to research, design, and consultation for engineering companies. I believe engineering should be not just a degree, but instead more like a hobby. It is my profession while swing trading Forex and investing is my business. I'm a very adventurous person who enjoys hiking, climbing, camping, or just about any sport that can be fun or thrilling. My hobbies are diverse but include everything from mountain biking and adventure, to RC hobbies, 3D design, and even printing on the printer I built myself. 


Eliezar Vigdorchik

Undergraduate UAV Flight Crew Intern

Eli is currently a first-year student at UC Merced pursuing his bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. His passion for robotics stems from a childhood love of legos and summer computer camps. His interests also include construction equipment, robots, website design, and baking savory foods.

Josh McBride

Undergraduate Lab Technician Intern

Josh McBride is a third year Mechanical Engineering major. Originally from Lockeford California, a small town from the Central Valley. He intends to be a high school teacher of sciences. He joined the MESA Lab because it is a good chance to get experience in something that he is interested in. He enjoys Dota 2, football and woodworking during his spare time.

Alexus Garcia

Undergraduate Research Lab Manager

Alexus Garcia is a third-year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, Merced. Following three years of FIRST robotics in high school, she co-founded FRC Team 5852 Ilusion Robotics, Merced's first robotics team. She currently mentors Team 5852 in embedded systems and programming, works at the Center of Excellence on UAS Safety, and manages the MESA Lab.

Stephani Gimble

Undergraduate Technician Intern

Stephani is a third year undergraduate at the University of California, Merced striving for a B.S in environmental engineering with a minor in Chemistry. Her goals are to use her degree to impact our environment in a positive way. During her college career, water quality and conservation has been her focus, but she is interested in learning about designing green buildings, preserving our natural reserves and using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to monitor and test our natural resources. In her free time, Stephani loves to be outdoors and frequently goes sailing at lake Yosemite. Her passion for the outdoors has always fueled her goals as an environmental engineer.

Fernando Luevanos

Undergraduate Technician Intern

I am a third year Mechanical Engineering major. I am from the area of San Fernando Valley. I intend to work for NASA and work my way up to become an astronaut for them. MESA lab will give me a great understanding of what I will be working with in the future.

Adrian Hernandez

Undergraduate Technician Intern

Adrian Hernandez is currently a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student at UC Merced pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree. He is currently doing research in Image Processing under Tiebiao Zhao & Jianxin Liu. Adrian is an active student on campus, with memberships in Hermanos Unidos de UC Merced & Theta Tau. When he is not in lab or beingan active student on campus, he likes to eat, run, and skate around Merced with his cruiser.

Perla Meza

Undergraduate Technician Intern

Perla Meza is a third year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of California, Merced and expects to graduate in Spring 2017. She enjoys hands on work and joined MESA for this purpose. She aspires to work in the automotive field of engineering and her dream job is to work for Ford.

Elizabeth Marquez

Undergraduate Technician Intern

Elizabeth Marquez is an undeclared second-year student at the University of California, Merced. She has always loved technology and working with hardware, and was a part of FIRST robotics in high school. Elizabeth enjoys welding, building machines, and learning how to program. She plans to pursue a career in mechanical or aerospace engineering.

Jan Tanja

Undergraduate Technician Intern

Jan Tanja is a freshman majoring in Computer Science Engineering at the University of California, Merced. He joined the lab right after starting his first year at the university. His interests in the fields of science and technology lead him to help conduct research at the MESA lab. His diligence and passions transferred over to the UVG rover project. Jan has helped calibrate and tune up the rover, as well as mentor others about it. He is currently using C# to manipulate controls in Mission Planner. In his free time, Jan likes to attend Hackathons, go to the gym, appreciate music, and spend time with family and friends.

Undergraduate Technician Intern/Assistant UAS Pilot
Onasis Becerra Gonzalez is currently a third-year undergraduate pursuing his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering at University of California, Merced. Onasis developed a monitoring station to record coordinates, relative humidity, pressure, and temperature for UAS missions. He is now working on receiving his UAS license to conduct UAS missions. He enjoys learning new concepts, skills and anything else that helps him grow as an individual. He is interested and motivated to learn more about the aerospace industry. However, he always remains open to exploring new applications that revolve engineering. During his free time, Onasis enjoys playing soccer or going to the gym with friends.