Regional Analysis of Distributed Parameter Systems (RA-DPS)

Regional Analysis of Distributed Parameter Systems (RA-DPS)

A Tutorial Workshop for IFAC World Congress 2017

This is the web page for IFAC World Congress 2017 Pre-conference Tutorial on "Regional Analysis of Distributed Parameter Systems (RA-DPS)."  Registration link:

The full details are here: ifac-wc2017-tutorial-proposal-regional-analysis-of-distributed-parameter-systems-final.pdf or ifac-wc2017-tutorial-proposal-regional-analysis-of-distributed-parameter-systems-final.docx

Please check this link for why we believe this is an important topic. and

It was regretful that both Prof. El Jai and Zerrik could not make to the IFAC World Congress on July 8th of 2017. We remain very respectful and grateful for their support and pioneering works.

This latest talk also explains:

  • YangQuan Chen: Regional Sensing and Actuation of Fractional Order Distributed Parameter Systems [Abstract - Presentation]


  • 7/8/2017 Saturday. 3.5 hours offered.
    • Recorded lectures (in Youtube, send emails ( for watching links)
      • Part-1: Why we should use regional analysis:  From MAS-net project to CPS to CHS (Chen) MnyQxxhe9M4
      • Part-2: Why and how we can better understand complex systems using fractional calculus? (Chen) xjLNYdg12No
      • Part-3: Regional analysis of fractional order DPSs (Ge) pBHHz24DLlY
  • 3/1/17. Proposal Accepted. See:
  • 12/11/16. Attending CDC 2016
  • 12/3/16. Proposal submitted.
  • 11/6/16. Proposal drafted for circulation. Due 11/30/2016 at 
  • 11/6/16. Web page created.

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