10th Robots and Ribs (R&R)

·        Introductions

·        Food Dispersal

·        Invited Speakers

              Jure Zaninovich, Lam Research

·        Research Presentations

                 ‘Drones as Co-Ecologists for water, dust, land to peet bogs’ – Dr. YangQuan Chen

                ‘Light-Weight Sprayer for UASs’ – Brennan Stevenson, Kevin Stow-Parker, Bryan Huffman, Travis Requena

                ‘Unmanned Surface Vessel’ – Duval Johnson, Erik Lau, Emery Nolasco, Jessyca Kamel, Evan Pournejad

·        ME195 Presentations

                 Fabian Iniguez

                 Luis Reyes

                 Manmeet Singh

                Daniel Linarez

                 Erik Lau

                Emery Nolasco

                 Monica Barbadillo

·        Updates

                 3D Printing RC Plane Parts – Andy Anderson, Yoni Shchemelinin