4 more FAA COAs were just approved for MESA Lab, BIG Congratulations!

Now UC MERCED MESA LAB has totally 6 active FAA COAs.

We still have multiple COAs pending.

You are welcome to see the full package of the 4 approved FAA COAs:


MESA Lab was invited to contribute to ASPRS MRS-4 project

11/01/2014 (news coverage) 530 attendants, among them, 200 ASPRS members. (ARPRS: American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote...


MESA Lab Welcomes Three New Visiting Scholars.


On Sept. 20th, 2014, Saturday, on the campus of The Da Vinci Center for Innovative Learning of SJCOE, Stockton, CA, Dr. Chen gave 4 sessions of lectures, each with 45 min. to a group of nearly 60 elementary school teachers on "The Age of Data...