2020 IFAC World Congress Accepted Papers - Congratulations!

February 27, 2020

2020 IFAC World Congress Accepted Papers - Congratulations!

MESA Lab has 11 papers accepted by IFAC World Congress 2020 in Berlin, Germany. This conference takes place every three years. 2017 was in Toulouse, France, 2014 was in Capetwon South Africa, 2011 was in Milan, Italy, 2008 in Seoul, Korea, 2005 in Prague, CZ ... We published papers in 2002 Barcelona IFAC WC. Prof. Chen attended the 2005 one in Prague where R. E. Kalman gave the plenary talk with the first slide on "Get the physics right, the rest is mathematics." We published an important paper with my research vision “Band-reconfigurable Multi-UAV-based Cooperative Remote Sensing for Real-time Water Management and Distributed Irrigation Control” in 2008 Korea IFAC WC. We won the Best Journal Paper Award in 2011 with title “Tuning and Auto-Tuning of Fractional Order Controllers for Industry Applications”. Dr. Chen attended 2014 and 2017 IFAC World Congress. In 2017, we proudly offered this RA_DPS preconference tutorial workshop (video recorded). In 2020, we have the following 11 papers accepted - we feel proud of our strong results!

  • Zhenlong Wu*, Gengjin Shi, Donghai Li, Chen YangQuan (78897, 123248, 53415, 89997)   The Fluidized Bed Combustor Control based on Active Disturbance Rejection Control and Bode Ideal Cut-off (Code it332)  6.3. Power and Process System - Power Plants and Power Systems
  • Zhenlong Wu, Yuquan Chen, Jairo Viola, Ying Luo, YangQuan Chen*, Donghai Li (78897, 88428, 123351, 39154, 89997, 53415) Fractional order [Proportional Integral Derivative] Controller Design with Specification Constraints: More Flat Phase Idea (Code 24y81)               2.2. Design Methods - Linear Control Systems
  • Haoyu Niu, Yanan Wang, Tiebiao Zhao, YangQuan Chen* (123420, 94407, 91336, 14519) A Low-cost Soil Moisture Monitoring Method by Using Walabot and Machine Learning Algorithms (Code pe91p) 8.1. Bio- and Ecological Systems - Control in Agriculture
  • Weijia Zheng*, Ying Luo, YangQuan Chen (106396, 39154, 14519)  A Fractional Order Motion Controller Design Based on Bode's Ideal Transfer Function and Bode's Ideal Cut-Off Ideas (Code 24y81) 2.2. Design Methods - Linear Control Systems
  • Ruiyang Cai, YangQuan Chen, Yuquan Chen, Chunhai KOU* (122728, 14519, 88428, 125031) NILT and Prony technique for new definitions of fractional calculus for modeling very slow decay phenomena (Code 24y81)  2.2. Design Methods - Linear Control Systems
  • Ge Fudong*, YangQuan Chen (84485, 14519) External boundary regional controllability for nonlocal diffusion systems involving the fractional Laplacian  2.6. Design Methods - Distributed parameter systems
  • Hua-Cheng Zhou, Ze-Hao Wu*, Bao-Zhu Guo, YangQuan Chen (71893, 92558, 17460, 14519) Boundary stabilization and disturbance rejection for a time fractional order diffusion-wave equation (Code 24y81 ) 2.2. Design Methods - Linear Control Systems
  • Jairo Viola, Piotr Oziablo, YangQuan Chen* (123351, 103812, 14519) A Portable and Affordable Networked Temperature Distribution Control Platform for Education and Research Demonstrator Papers
  • Jairo Viola, Piotr Oziablo, YangQuan Chen* (123351, 103812, 14519) A Study of the Influence of Stochastic Fractional-Order Delay Dynamics in a Networked Control System  2.3. Design Methods - Non-Linear Control Systems
  • Yanan Wang, Xiaozhong Liao*, Da Lin, Xin Yang, YangQuan Chen (94407, 71440, 120830, 127178, 14519) Fractional Order BPNN for Estimating State of Charge of Lithium-ion Battery under Temperature Influence (Code 24y81) 2.2. Design Methods - Linear Control Systems

  • Derek Hollenbeck, YangQuan Chen* (128153, 14519) A More Optimal Stochastic Extremum Seeking Control Using Fractional Dithering For A Class of Smooth Convex Functions (Code 24y81) 2.2. Design Methods - Linear Control Systems

I feel regretful that we have 6 papers rejected with some surprises. The following half-day pre-conference tutorial workshop proposals were all rejected with big surprise:

  • Fractional Order Process Controls: How Process Control Can Benefit from using Fractional Calculus and Edge-AI?  
  • Advanced Control and Analysis for Networked Diffusion Systems  
  • Advanced big data analytics for control performance assessment in Industry
Good news is that we are on this full day pre-conference workshop on "Advanced Topics in PID Control System Design, Automatic Tuning and Applications" (link updated 6/20/20)

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