MESA Lab welcomes new Visiting Scholars Prof. Dr. Jiacai Huang, Prof. Dr. Zhigang Lian and Mr. Xiaobao Jia

March 2, 2014
MESA Lab welcomes three new Visiting Scholars: Prof. Dr. Jiacai Huang, Prof. Dr. Zhigang Lian and Mr. Xiaobao Jia. Details of their research topics at MESA LAB and their publications are briefly listed below.

Dr. Jiacai Huang, Visiting Professor, March 2014-Sept. 2014. Topic @ MESA LAB: Fractional Order Control of Human-Centric Mechatronics Systems; (Ph.D.'06, Associate Professor, on leave from Najing Institute of Technology, China)

Dr. Zhigang Lian, Visiting Professor, March 2014-March 2015. Topic @ MESA LAB: Modeling and control of renewable energy systems. (Ph.D.'07, Associate Professor, on leave from Shanghai DianJi University, China)

Selected publication (since 2013)

[1] Lian Zhigang, Lin Weitian, Gao Yejun and Jiao bin. A Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Job-Shop Scheduling Problem to Maximizing production. the International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control.(Accepted)
[2] Lian Zhigang, Lin Weitian,Jiao Bin and Ji Chunlei. A Share Historical Optimal Information Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm, Journal of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.(Accepted)
[3] Lian zhigang, Gao Yejun, Jiao bin. Research on similar particle swarm optimization algorithm for container loading mathematical model。Journal of Chongqing Jiaotong University。(Accepted)
[4] Lian zhigang, Lin Weitian, Wu Jianxin and Huwang Weiguo. Research on the erection network of ships construction and information systems design. Journal of China Shipbuilding.(Accepted)
[5] Lian Zhigang, Gao Yejun and Jiao bin. Learning based algorithm to production capacity balancing problem in discrete manufacture industry. Journal of Anhui University. March 2013 Vol.37. No.2,19-24.
[6] Zhigang Lian,Yejun Gao,Chunlei Ji and Xuewu Wang. A Combined Local Best Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm, Applied Mechanics and Materials July, 2013 (Volumes 333-335),1388-1391. (Accession number: 20133516681124)
[7] Lin, Weitian, Gu, Xingsheng; Lian, Zhigang; Xu, Yufa; Jiao, Bin. A self-government particle swarm optimization algorithm and its application in texaco gasification, Journal of Software, v 8, n 2, p 472-479, 2013. (Accession number: 20130716021241)

Xiaobao Jia. Visiting Scholar, March 2014-March 2015. Topic @ MESA LAB: Occupant-engaged high performance energy efficient buidling. Human-in-the-loop control. (MSc.'06, Lecturer, Shenzhen Polytech., China)

Mr Jia's Publications
  • “OPC client program developing in building integration system,” Intelligent Building, coauthored with Lu Li . June 2010
  •  “Intelligent power meter application in building automation system,” Intelligent Building & City Information, coauthored with Yan Zhang. October 2009
Mr Jia's Awards
  • Building Automation Technology, National Excellent Course (Open Resources System)           2012
  • Award of Innovation, Shenzhen Polytechnic                                                                            2011
  • Special Award of Research in Teaching Equipment for Intelligent Building Training                 2008