MESA LAB recent grants/contracts/gift (CITRIS, UCANR, HSRI, Lam and Margo Souza)

March 8, 2014

MESA LAB recently won some grants and contracts. Congratulations!

  1. CITRIS Seed Grant. $60K. "Environmental DNA (eDNA) Smart Sampling Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)." PI: Prof. YangQuan Chen. 2014-2015. Co-PI: Michael Miller of UC Davis.
  2. UC ANR Competitive Grant Award No. 13-2628. 2014-2019. "Evaluating and extending the use of small, multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) as a crop monitoring tool". PI: David Doll of UCCE Merced County. $279,580. Dr. Chen serves as project Co-PI  and the UC Merced PI for the subcontract. The other co-PI: Dr. Gregory Kriehn.
  3. HSRI Biomedical Seed Grant "“Developing autonomous airborne pathogen collection and identification capability for mapping Valley Fever risk in the San Joaquin Valley”. 2014-2015. $8K. PI: Michael Dawson. Dr. Chen serves as Co-PI. Environmental Health Research Cluster of HSRI of UC Merced. The other co-PI is Dr. Michael Beman.
  4. Lam Research Year-2 Project. $93744. 2014-2015. "MIMO Cognitive Process Modeling and Control." PI: Prof. Chen, YangQuan.
  5. $1K gift from Margo Souza for a pair of GoPro cameras for MESA LAB students. Thank you Margo! Margo's book and Margo's $1M gift to UC Merced.

We need more funding for our research efforts. More new transformative ideas and more grant proposals.